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Customized Covers+NFT

The first chapter in the DoctorVerse.

The universe where artists of Crypto Lugano Arts lets imagination, vision of perfection and skill take shape.

A detailed and advanced eco system embracing the Metaverse.



Man in metaverse,




Allocations are granted via:


2. DoctorVerse 

3. Raffle

4. Giveaways & special activities


Raffle begins for public sale

Raffle open for 30 days


INITIAL PRICE: 0.15 ETH and 0.25 ETH  ( + GAS FEE )

[A maximum of 10 NFT can be minted per wallet]



A set of unique works we believe are among the most influential of our time.

In 2022, Doctor Phone Switzerland's project for the creation of NFT begins, through the Opensea platform and CRYPTOLUGANOARTS.

We would like to highlight various types of art in a single channel and be the reference point of the sector in Ticino, Italian Switzerland.

CryptoLuganoArts' first NFT collection is having a good result and will soon be auctioned along with many other works and collections.

Specialized first in electrical engineering, then in website design and then in reinvented designs of 3d characters, pixel art, neon art, cyber and crypto art, and many other genres. We hope to give you broad insight into various unique and unrepeatable works.

We focus on finding only unique and special works of various genres and channeling them all on cryptoluganoarts.

Recently, Doctor Phone CH has decided to immerse himself in the fantastic world of NFT, to give vent mainly to its founder in DoctorVerse with spectacular works Audio, video, photos.

Crypto Lugano Arts is the first episode of Doctor Phone CH of a series of his works and collections, which make up a world of digital art called DoctorVerse.

Hoping for proven success in high-end art galleries.

Collectors from around the world will be able to purchase Doctor Phone CH and CryptoLuganoArts NFT artworks.

The works are mainly concentrated in evoking emotions of various kinds.

CryptoLuganoArts By Doctor Phone CH is not only the artist but also the founder of the project, together with his gallery of NFT works.

An elaborate artistic process that we hope you enjoy.


Crypto Lugano Arts is the union between a digital art artist,

an art gallery with exhibits in its extravagant spaces in Lugano, and an avant-garde shop called DOCTOR PHONE CH (Located in Lugano CH Switzerland) which connects art, technology and luxury.




Cyberpunk 2024 Collection #10 NFT Concept